3.ZERO Wind turbine


1.150 Watt rated capacity at 12 m/s

3.000 Watt maximum performance at 17 m/s

45 db maximum sound development
1,9 m diameter
100% green energy

Up to 5 years warranty



areas of operation

  • Ski resorts
  • In mountainous areas
  • On the coast
  • Petrol stations
  • Industrial estates
  • Public authorities
  • Commercial use
  • etc...

Good to know


Before setting up a 3.ZERO wind energy installation, please check with your municipality if you need a building permission.

Our partners will gladly provide you with more information.

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3.ZERO Wind turbine


The 3.ZERO was developed in collaboration with the Innerstaatliche Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences), Buchs, Canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. A wind turbine was constructed using the newest materials, knowledge of fluid mechanics, attractive design and high-energy production.


Preparing ourselves for the future.

In November 2019 the new Venturicon Headquarters in Feldkirch were opened.

This equips us for the future, because we want to become the number 1 in the small wind turbine sector.


Gerald Hager (middle)

CEO Venturicon Austria


Bernhard Frick (left)

Head of Development, Sales


Menno Mizrahi

CEO Venturicon Switzerland,

International Sales



The 3.ZERO wind turbine is a flow-optimised ducted turbine with Fowler-technology. The standard model looks as follows:


  • Diffusor: white
  • Fowler technology: black
  • Rotor: black
  • Generator cover: black
  • Includes client logo

3.zero design

The 3.ZERO DESIGN is handcrafted according to customer preferences. Every colour combination is possible. There are no restrictions when it comes to design.

technical data

Diameter including Fowler technology: 1890 mm

Depth including Fowler: 718mm

Rotor length: 585mm

Maximum performance: 3000 Watts

Sound development: 45db

3.ZERO Security

The 3.ZERO wind turbine is equipped with multiple security systems:


  • Mechanical emergency switch
  • Shuts down in storms when wind force reaches 20 m/s
  • Security deactivation
  • Back-up system

3.zero sustainable

3.ZERO combines the generation of electricity with other alternative technologies, either to store the produced energy in the newest battery technology or to charge electrical vehicles.


3. ZERO and 3.ZERO design can be designed to suit the client’s corporate design. Every colour scheme is possible.


The diffusor can be used as an advertising space for the company logo.


The installation is available for lease on the Austrian market.

For more information please contact:


3.ZERO POLE system

POLE with "Plant POT" Foundation

The ‘plant pot’ serves as the foundation for freestanding masts. The hydraulic mast saves the need for a mobile crane.

Mast height: approx. 8 m.

The masts can be delivered in the same colour (RAL) as the installation.



  • No soil sealing
  • Trouble-free removal
  • No road-construction necessary for the installation
  • Reusable materials
  • Low technical requirements for assembly

freestanding pole


Steel foundation for freestanding masts.

Pole height approx. 8 m

The poles can be delivered in the same colour (RAL) as the installation.



  • No soil sealing
  • Trouble-free removal
  • No road-construction necessary for the installation
  • Reusable materials
  • Low technical requirements for assembly



Steel foundation for freestanding masts

Pole height approx. 3 m.

The poles can be delivered in the same colour (RAL) as the installation.



  • No soil sealing
  • Trouble-free removal
  • No road-construction necessary for the installation
  • Reusable materials
  • Low technical requirements for assembly

3.ZERO Technology


The inverter was custom-built for the 3.ZERO wind turbine.

It can be screwed straight onto the wall or hidden from view in a standardised control cabinet complete with prefabricated cables.

>> See Downloads for inverter data


Every installation is equipped with online monitoring, with access to 3.ZERO performance data and wind data. The following online data can be accessed on every smartphone, tablet or computer:


  • Full performance of the installation.
  • Current performance.
  • The performance over a given time period.
  • Current wind speed.
  • Maximum wind speed.
  • Photovoltaic installations and energy storage can be connected and displayed.


Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions Venturicon GmbH.pdf
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Technical Details 3.ZERO + Inverter
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Hager Kunststoff- und Metalltechnik GmbH



KSW Elektro- und Industrieanlagen GmbH



Elektro Rössler OG

Elektrical Installations



Seafarm BV



Andreas Paulsen GmbH

Heating, plumbing, bathrooms



This video shows the performance of the 3.ZERO wind energy installation.


3.ZERO information

PRODUcTION and development

Venturicon Windturbines GmbH

Studa 14

A-6800 Feldkirch

+423 791 66 90



Gerald Hager

CEO Venturicon Austria

Hager Kunststoff- und Metalltechnik GmbH

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Bernhard Frick

Head of Development, Sales

+423 791 66 90



headquarters switzerland

Venturicon Sarl
Avenue du Lac 6
CH 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz


Menno Mizrahi

CEO Venturicon Schweiz,

Sales International

+41 79 513 9024

south KOREA office

Venturicon Sales Office Korea
Room no. 504  26, 
Sangwon 1-GIL, Seong-Dong Gu, 
04779 Seoul, Korea 
+ 82 10 8591 6308

TAIWAN office

Venturicon Sales Office Taiwan
7F, No. 299,  Da An Road
Shui-Lin Area
New Taipei City
+88 698 337 6008

sales tax iD number


ATU 71971725

Commercial register Nr. FN 466648y




terms and conditions

You can download Venturicon Sàrl / Venturicon Windturbines GmbH terms and conditions under Downloads.


You should find the answers to your questions in the FAQs section.

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